monday rituals

mondays can make me a bit nervous.  and if there was ever a moment of the week that doubt about my calling to be at home with these guys creeps in, it’s mondays. during the weekend omar is my constant partner in the tasks of parenting and well, just living.  come monday, it’s primarily just me for the next few days and that can be daunting sometimes.

it’s tempting to want to crowd my mondays in with tasks and errands – noise, in essence, that keeps my mind from thinking and praying about such fears.  but by the end of the day those feelings are often still there and i’m worn out.  so i’m trying to turn mondays into days filled with quiet and little rituals that the boys and i can do to ease into the week.  to be honest, i think they see their papi walk out the door on mondays and probably say to each other in a little language of their own, “and now it’s just mama.  do we revolt?  or do we get her to make cookies?”  

fortunately, cookies won out.  and thus the monday morning baking ritual has begun.

and the little knitted pigs helped.



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