oh my headache

my scent preferences are typically of the essential oil variety.  perfumey lotions and sprays give me headaches and i’m not too partial to that.  but a couple of weeks ago the airport bath and body works sucked me in.  i sniffed a tester bottle of a new lotion and immediately loved it, or so i thought.  it made me think of something in my childhood (i guess that has been on my mind lately) but i couldn’t put my finger on it.  

two weeks later i was still thinking about that lotion.  and i walked right into the store and bought the stuff after lathering up my arm with the tester.  thirty minutes, one closed up car and a raging headache later i remembered where the memory was from.  remember the strawberry shortcake figurines?  and remember how they tried to make her and her cohorts all smell like the fruit in their name?  that was it.  evidently faux strawberry and plastic-y phthalates conjure up good memories.  and headaches.

5 thoughts on “oh my headache

  1. So you finally bought it. Sorry it gives you headaches. That’s pretty funny (minus the raging headache part.) I totally did not put that together.

  2. kelly and jenni – good and bad smell at the same time, right?

    holly – yeah, i caved. fortunately in my eagerness i didn’t rip off the plastic so was able to return it. oh well.

    abbie – i think the headache would’ve left sooner had i washed my arm. but i kept thinking that maybe my headache was from something else. alas, no.

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