blankets, birds and lawn dances

our drafty 1924 house is hot in the summer and now downright cold when the temperature drops below 65 or so.  for most of the day it has been colder in the house than outside.  not that i’m complaining.  i actually wore socks this morning. and asher snuggled up in his mama-made blanket…at least for a few seconds.

the boys and i walked to the grocery store this morning and are anticipating another trip tomorrow.  a walk topped off with a bakery cookie on a cool day? almost perfect.

the boys chilled in the yard and elisha lawn danced for us. evidently his moves really heat up when the temp is in the 60s.

and as i told a friend, i think my productivity sky-rockets when it’s cool outside. curtain rod and curtains?  up.  bird prints from the lovely geninne?  framed and up.  white bean chicken chili?  made and eaten.  


4 thoughts on “blankets, birds and lawn dances

  1. ah! I love the bird prints!
    and I’m glad you guys are finally having cooler weather. Did you ever cave and get a microwave for your cold coffee?

  2. I love those bird prints as well. I followed a link to Geninne from your blog. All of her prints are gorgeous.
    I need to visit her etsy shop again and make a decision. So many great choices!

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