good thursday

1.  i received news that the recipient of these little green shoes has made her way into the world!  if only i could travel to portland and put them on her little feet myself.

2.  i spent the morning at the ccda conference and treated myself to the 50% off discount at the intervarsity press table.  50%!  scored:  Our Father’s World: Mobilizing the Church to Care for Creation by edward r. brown, The Dangerous Act of Worship:  Living God’s Call to Justice by mark labberton, and Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by andy crouch.

3.  i popped dinner into the oven before leaving the house for a bit.  when i came home…oh my.  i think they need a candle called “close-roasted pork with ancho, cinnamon and cocoa.”

4.  to celebrate friends visiting and to accompany the above recipe i decided to support belgian brewing in america.  i chose the ommegang rare vos and was not disappointed.  

5.  as i opened a bag of salad i rejoiced that perhaps i won’t have to say “bag of salad” in a few more weeks. our redland organics csa starts soon.  but not soon enough.


8 thoughts on “good thursday

  1. I love every single item here….
    -Those little green shoes are perfect!
    -50% off-books! I want to read Culture Making, too.
    -I bookmarked that recipe – YUM.
    -I miss beer. Specifically, pumpkin spice beer right now.
    -I still need to join our local CSA. I keep meaning to. I will.

  2. aaawwwwww. when I opened your blog today and saw that picture, my first thought was Dang, she’s gotten better than me at the knitting. As the owner of the recipient of the little green shoes, I am even more impressed. I feel that an in-person delivery is definitely in order. She has been asking for you.

    Sounds like life is extra-good in Miami these days… I wish I was around to smell that dinner and help you eat all the eggplant and brussel sprouts you’re bound to get from CSA. I’m sure you’ll figure out some great use for all those veggies.
    And Jenni, I’m with you… I’ve been missing Beer for far too long, and am SO excited that Autumn Beer is Happening right as my time is up.

  3. to the Abbie with a capital A – you should really make this recipe. beyond easy and so good!

    jenni – i’m actually proud of myself that i limited my book purchasing to a reasonable number. i think i need to give pumpkin spice beer another go – not so successful my first time.

    abbie, also now known as “mama” – i hope she likes them. just be sure to tell her not to make fun of any uneven seams. and you know beer is good for nursing, right? 😉

  4. glad to see you are reading something other than books on politics. i’m highly wrapped up in the presidential race right now and find myself reading national review and weekly standard obsessively.

    but, i did take a reprieve from politics this weekend. i picked up julie and julia last week in at the elliot bay bookstore in seattle and read it from cover to cover. interesting, but a little histrionic, imho. and then, ironically, when i hit julia’s blog last night, what did i find? tips on making a souffle? funnies about bone marrow? no. anti-palin comments!


  5. kel – oh, trust me, i’ve been buried in political stuff, too. and i’m tired.

    julie and julia is good. the bone marrow passages had us laughing hysterically. i got to see her at a reading down here. definitely one to let her politics known, even amidst a discussion on liver and marrow.

    nicole – i’m sure you could find a use for that rub. so good.

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