he’s one

asher woke up this morning to birthday pancakes, a birthday crown, and a birthday song.

and yes, i finally finished the blanket.  perfect timing.

happy first birthday, asher!


13 thoughts on “he’s one

  1. I love the birthday crown! The blanket is beautiful, Kate.

    And I told you this long ago, but you look so much like my friend Shannon (a compliment).

  2. Kate,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! It’s been fun to read your blog and see how much we have in common. I love how people can walk such similar lives and never know it! Happy Birthday to Asher. On that note of similarity…if Karis had been a boy, Asher was the name we had picked out. Matt sends a “hello” back your way!

  3. Kate, you take beautiful pics, and i love how you live in the ordinary and the everyday, knowing it is good and right. not saying it’s always easy. Am slowly adding to my mix and am glad I’ve linked you. God of peace bless you.

  4. thank you for all the sweet wishes, everyone.

    alina – i’m so glad i came across your blog and i get what you mean about the “walking similar lives.”

    kel – thanks! it was about time for something a little different.

    margie – thank you for the kind and encouraging words!

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