sunset blur

omar and i sit on the front steps exhausted.

elisha’s sniffles have departed.

ours have not.

but we are fortunate.

at ages 2 and 11 months, it still doesn’t take much to keep these guys entertained.

throwing the ball against the front door?  hysterical laughter.

playing “drums” with our hands on the dining room table?  more hysterical laughter.

2 thoughts on “sunset blur

  1. So cute! It’s nice that they are easily entertained. (Esp. when you are exhausted.) I read a funny article once about games you can play with a child when you are exhausted. (They still have a great time but you get to rest….)
    Don’t wake the sleeping bear, etc. All you have to do on that one is growl every once in a while. 🙂

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