my oldest now knows how to pretend.  when did that happen?  a piece of string becomes his morning companion in sunroom adventures.  there is lots of jabbering and i’m catching more of his words than even this time last week.

then there is the youngest.  he’s almost one.  and i think he’d like to remind me of this on occasion.  like at the grocery store, where for the past 11+ months only the oldest has gotten the free bakery cookie.  but yesterday asher almost got whiplash as he whipped around in the sling, stared at elisha’s cookie then looked up at me with some fairly confused eyes.  he got the cookie.


4 thoughts on “growing

  1. Way to go, Asher! And someone told me that once imagination was part of their play, the kids’ toys would really stretch…all of a sudden a car can be anything! 🙂 Enjoy it all!

    So when are you coming to ChattaVegas?

  2. Elisabeth STILL asks for a cookie even though she is 5’5″! She claims they will give them out to anyone 12 and under.
    You have 11 more years!

  3. I know for a fact that a dad can get a free cookie, too, if he is with a cute little daughter, and if he smiles sweetly at the lady behind the counter.

  4. ahem, dad maynard–

    don’t you think kate looks TERRIFIC loading the boys into the ODYSSEY?!!?!

    (no, kate did not pay me to say this :).

    hope you and mom are doing really well, btw. kab

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