this might look like a gloopy plum mess, but it isn’t.  i think i am close to finding the perfect tart.  again, frank and jerome are geniuses.  slice some plums, add some spices and lemon juice and there you have it. but the crust.  i’m not feeling the par baked crust.  kind of mushy, even when baked a tad longer than instructed.  any suggestions, tart bakers??

so i’m off to find more plums before they are gone for the summer.  too bad we can’t grow plums during the winter down here in miami.  though excitement is building as we’re only a month or so away from our csa season.  let’s just hope we aren’t inundated with kale – kind of a problem for many csa-ers.  why can’t we ever be inundated with strawberries and shiitake mushrooms?

and in a mere seven weeks or so the german baptists return with all their cinnamon roll and tomato glory. at least miami winters are tasty.

3 thoughts on “plummy

  1. kale is abundant in the csa ’cause it’s cheap, yeah….i’ve got three planters full of it for color in my fall pots. in fact:

    last night my mom was looking at it and said, “it’s edible, right?”

    i said, “i guess so” with so little enthusiasm that i was glad that the kale does not have auditory senses. definitely could have hurt their little plant feelings…


  2. then you must not be familiar with italian potato soup with kale. it will make you a fan, i think. i’ll see if i can scrounge up a recipe for you.

  3. yeah, i’d like that. thank you! the soup that i’ve had left me feeling like i had one long hair (or a hollyberry stem) in my mouth. since i was at a church dinner when i was eating it, i didn’t make a scene, but it was haaaard. 🙂

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