rain deck

isn’t this what vacations are all about?  

playing in the rain

baking bread with a brilliant recipe

sneaking off by myself for a few hours to browse and buy:

          a fish castanet 
          chuao chocolate bar (it’s got nutmeg!)


9 thoughts on “rain deck

  1. I knew where you were before reaing a word, as I recognized your folks’ deck/chairs. Wish I could drop in for a visit, too! Pass out the hugs for me and enjoy your time with those special folks.

  2. well seriously your parents are superb to give you such time to “sneak” off. NO DOUBT they know how much you love all three of your boys and how a mama needs to recharge her batteries time-and-again.

    so glad you have time “away”, as it is. and good to see pics. send them my way as you have them.

  3. i didn’t have hair for a long time, but when it came in there was tons of it! he’ll have a beautiful coif in no time!

    playing in the rain: sounds like he’s being groomed for northwest living!!


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