you could say i am crazy

i’m in north carolina.  i drove to north carolina.  by myself with two young ones. it was initially an “escape hurricane ike” road trip to st. augustine.  but by the time i made it to st. augustine hurricane ike was no longer a threat and i thought, “heck, i’m almost halfway to n. carolina, why don’t i just go see my parents?”  so here i am.

my boys are good road trippers.  but eleven hours is long.  i got caught up on my the splendid table podcasts. but when the ipod juice ran low and i was on the verge of being music-less, i remembered i have a glovebox full of old cassette tapes.  excellent.  i introduced elisha and asher to greats such as built to spill, old-school sara mclachlan, and “spring break ’96 mixed tape.”

somewhere along i-95 i heard a clip of on the road again.  and that made me think of the new pbs special previously mentioned, spain – on the road again. and that was depressing.  my road trip was much less glamorous.  much.  my culinary stops were various cracker barrels.  and i’m positive the drive around spain is much lovelier than the florida-georgia-s.carolina corridor.  i wasn’t looking particularly glamorous either or running into various celebrities.  but i did meet a one-legged man with a fanny pack who was handing out south carolina souvenirs. and it was in florence.  but wrong country, right?


6 thoughts on “you could say i am crazy

  1. Kate!! How long are you in town? I still haven’t met these boys of yours, so if you are up for a quick hello, let me know! 🙂 Gavin has a cold right now, but he is on the mend. (did you even know that I had a baby??)

  2. Good for you- How long of a trip is that? It seems crazy far away! Hope you have a restful time, and feel free to come our way if you have other hurricanes to escape!

  3. Kate, Your blog cracks me up, and at the same time amazes me. How do you have time to take pics, upload and then WRITE about all this stuff, let alone, cook, knit, home-make, etc. You are amazing! Your boys are gorgeous and fun. I hope you enjoy a few cool evenings while you’re in NC.

  4. you might be crazy, but you’re in good company. on my trek back from fl, one of my legs was from salt lake city, ut to burlington wa (one hour north of seattle). i don’t recommend it. but not bad for the books on tape experience.

    glad you got out of town for a while and are having grandpa and grandma time.


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