i’m not sure i get this

i saw a profile of a fairly new little cupcake business in the paper and so we all decided to go support the local shop.  bakeries like this intrigue me.  cupcakes? that’s it?  i had a conversation the other night with family and friends about “cupcakeries” and we agreed we just didn’t get it.  i guess i didn’t realize they were special enough to warrant their own shops.

off we went.  and i must say the cupcakes were really good.  the vanilla icing was the best vanilla icing i’ve ever had.  and i know they (“they” being cook’s illustrated folk who i hold in high esteem) say seeing little black flecks doesn’t indicate anything about the quality of vanilla.  but i’m a sucker for those little black flecks.  and this was good.

of all of us i think elisha enjoyed them the most.  bopping up and down in his chair to the music and savoring like i didn’t know a two year old could.  omar and i walked out feeling a bit woozy from all the sugar.  my wooziness was compounded by the fact that i paid for them.  i got a bit depressed when i calculated in my head how many cupcakes i could’ve made at home for the same price.  yikes. 

7 thoughts on “i’m not sure i get this

  1. oh, I feel you, I have that kind of guilt, too. he looks so sweet enjoying, though!

    …and thank you for the birthday wishes. like I told jenni, though, I feel guilty for talking of my spoils, so you’ll just have to live in wonder. 🙂

  2. yeah no kidding. but there was this one lemon cupcake i had in nyc…with an espresso…and it was soooo good. and i don’t remember how much it cost but i’d rather pay $2.50 for a lemon cupcake made from scratch than $3 for a starbucks scone made from….frozen starbucks scone…made from…?

  3. We have a cupcakery here and – wow, I know exactly what you are talking about. They are amazing and so beautiful. I looked into ordering some for a baby shower in June. $$$ – no way. My cupcakes, while tasting pretty darn good, aren’t nearly as beautiful (in fact, they look like my kids made them instead!). But for the price, I’m willing to sacrifice the beauty.

    Now then, to learn to make them equally aesthetically pleasing…

  4. nicole – ok, now i really want to know.

    caron – i know 2.50 (would you believe ours was 2.75!) for a cupcake, 3 for a scone – i’m totally in the wrong “business.”

    megan – to be honest i’m a little suspect of cupcakes that look too good. aren’t cupcakes supposed to look like a kid made them?

  5. My sister-in-law had us driving all over Savannah looking for a cupcakery….I was happy to follow along! I SOO get it. I have never tasted anything so divine.

  6. yeah, cupcakeries…

    what’s next: sidedisheries? maybe we could work off our meals by walking place to place, like a progressive dinner on the town; first the saladerie, then the bread bakery then the sidedisherie, ending up at the cupcakerie (notice i’m putting french endings on them; that way they could charge more).

    speaking of cupcakes: i just got the restaurant issue of bon appetit, where they present the “best of” items from various restaurants. one of the desserts they featured was “key lime cupcakes” from atlanta’s buttersweet bakery (thankfully not a cupcakerie). the problem was the recipe did not include one key lime or even key lime zest! the mini cakes’ chartreuse color came from, and i quote, “neon-green food coloring.”

    huh? the magazine promised that these cupcakes “aren’t your grandmas.” well, yeah, my grandma knew the difference between key limes and juice from a bottle. she may have had chartreuse kitchen walls at some point in the 60s but the color came from a paint can not a dropper.

    i hope the cupcakes from your new “erie” at least had normal coloring…?! 🙂


  7. hey, caron–it’s funny you mentioned starbucks cupcakes and baked goods, in general. when i was writing my post above about the cupcakes (the neon-green ones), i was actaully thinking of starbucks’ reduced-fat key lime mini-cakes.

    while i’m not a low-fat hound, especially when it comes to dessert (what’s the point?), those cakes are actually pretty good! amazing but true, they have no food color and real key lime in them. AND, since their baked goods are made during the night, every night by outsources bakeries (and delivered at 4 am; i know, i worked there and chatted up the delivery people at that hour), they are fresh.

    the ironic thing is that i don’t think they sell all that well (does anyone ever see them in their local starbucks anymore?). it’s all about those pumpkin scones that have, wait for it, at least 27 grams of fat in them and, honestly are not that good.

    🙂 kab

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