may i have some johnny cash with that?

we found ourselves in coconut grove yesterday. we looked at boats and got sticky. then we devoured conch fritters and dolphin sandwiches (not the flipper kind for you inland people) at a local dive.  

a dive where a local band jams to tunes of johnny cash and other non-jimmy buffet greats (a blessed relief). i see them heading over to their instruments and get nervous that they won’t be any good.  but they were good.  upright bass, steel guitar, and a drummer with blue shades and bad dye job.  

and everyone was there.  hip miami-ians with their oversized sunglasses and uncomfortably high stilettos. moms with babies and kids who were running around all crazy and sweaty.  tourists.  and us.

have i mentioned that i’m really liking it here now?  i am.  

4 thoughts on “may i have some johnny cash with that?

  1. Sounds like it’s becoming “your” city.

    For some reason Johnny Cash is our cd of the year…it wouldn’t be my “go to” cd, but Warren loves it, so consequently the kids love it. 🙂

  2. stilettos – ha!

    jenni – seriously, i don’t get jimmy buffet. just don’t get it. but i do find it kind of amusing that omar took me to margaritaville for our third date. he’s very happy i overlooked that incident.

    brite – johnny cash – i’m a fan but definitely have to be in the right mood for him.

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