dear old house,

i love your glass doorknobs, all fourteen of them.

i love your wood floors but don’t love the many rotted out, scraped up, and loose boards that are scattered throughout.

i love that there was no practical space for our t.v. except for in the back (currently unusable) room.  that’s been good for me.  i don’t even miss it.

i love that my boys’ giggles echo through their bedroom walls.

i don’t love the termite that poked its head out the other day…and was killed as a result.

and i definitely don’t love the daisy decals that are permanently affixed to my sink.  

and your kitchen?  i promise, i am trying to love you.  but it is hard.


5 thoughts on “glassy

  1. we live in an old home too, and while there’s so much to adore, there’s also a bit to wonder about too, isn’t there? …so many previous tenets.

    beautiful doorknob and wood floor!

  2. nicole – my dad and i were just talking about this the other day. we were wondering about all the people who have lived here. i wish we had photos of what the place first looked like. though i think if i saw the place in the 60s/70s i’d cry. we’ve unearthed some wretched paint colors. bright orange for the fireplace and cabinets, anyone?

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