our monday troubadour


elisha has started singing.  and today he started singing while strumming his 3-stringed while walking. quite the accomplishment.  his words are still mainly a mystery to us, though we did catch bits like “agua…pig…grandma…quattro…cheese…”

i can’t quite get a song out of my own head.  for some strange reason, while i was giving elisha yet another evidently torturous haircut, billy joel’s we didn’t start the fire came pounding into my head and has refused to leave.  i even have the music video streaming through my brain.  and i am surprised at how many words i remember.  i don’t think i’ve listened to the song since, oh, 1993.

tropical storm fay is making her appearance.  we’re cozied up inside waiting for the grandparents to arrive and listening to the perfect rainy day music – gonzales’ solo piano.  it’s quiet and beautiful.  omar and i are quite indebted to my brother for this find. 

and lastly, what’s a troubadour without mismatched pjs?  it’s not.



6 thoughts on “our monday troubadour

  1. very, very much wondering how you all are. as a fellow hurricaner i feel deeply for the hurricane afflicted. but, alas. it seems the troubador is helping you cope.

    We didn’t start the fire
    No we didn’t light it
    But we tried to fight it…


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