the pig has arrived

five months.  it took me five months to decide to make a little pig to replace elisha’s beloved, now disemboweled knitted pig, and then actually do it.  


my stuffing skills need to be worked on.  pig looks a bit bison-like at times.  but elisha loves it.  the ratty old pig is still adored and i don’t have the heart to take the stinky thing away…yet.


5 thoughts on “the pig has arrived

  1. Congrats, Kate! I could not have done it, and, no, I’m unfortunately not exaggerating. I know your son is deeply appreciative…as his pig is quite important.

    Oh – thanks for the story about your first drive. Almost unbelievable! 🙂

  2. oh, nicole, you make me laugh! really, the emphasis should be on “bison-like.” but thank you.

    sheila – i could easily teach you how to make a pig. but it would be kind of like the blind leading the blind, and i believe your kids are quite past the knitted pig stage.

    jenni – to be truthful, i am kind of impressed the pig turned out as well as it did. now i’m on to a rabbit for asher.

    joey – your brother said something eerily similar…

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