under the cellophane, full of talk

no, that coffeecake under the cellophane is not butter-less.  it’s full of butter.  i broke my vow for the week. but i will say that up to this point, my week has been full of chickpeas, salad, and other butter-free goodness.  but then today happened.

we had a meeting at our house this morning for emerging church leaders in miami. the first meeting of its kind in our house.  a meeting full of people who want to see the church grow and friendships form.  in my mind and omar’s that necessitates buttered up coffeecake.  

and it was good.  i also think it made our discussion of n.t. wright’s chapter on justice in simply christian more intelligent and thought provoking.  right.

then i tell myself i’ll have just one little piece.  but alas, if you were sitting next to me right now you’d see my crumb-filled lap. 


4 thoughts on “under the cellophane, full of talk

  1. that sounds like heaven to me….emergent church meeting, n.t. wright conversation AND butter coffee cake?


    if you want to go ahead and bring all that stuff and move to the Pacific NW, that would be fine with me!

  2. An emerging church leaders get together? How cool! I bumped into the emerging church after reading God’s Politics by Jim Wallis (read it twice) and have been researching the emerging church, Brian McClaren, and what other pastors think of the movement ever since. At any rate, I welcome an offline conversation with you (and Omar too)–perhaps we could meet for coffee/food or I could drop by with gourmet goodies in tow to hang with the kiddos. Either way, it’s on me. Let me know.

  3. tonia – thanks for the pacific nw invite. trust me, if we could just get the grandparents out there, we’d be there with bells on. we have portland friends here who are moving back and trying to stash us in their uhaul.

    sandra – oops. didn’t i step full on into the “Emergent church” puddle. i guess i should clarify by saying that “emerging” was referring more to “up and coming” leaders in miami who are looking for support and connections.

    that said, the “Emergent church” is indeed an interesting development and we would love, love , love to have you over to chat about it, sandra. and gourmet goodies are always required…i mean welcome.

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