diffuser, plug, switch…

one of those moments i realize is odd and wonderful at the same time.

he loves the hair dryer.  loves.

we climb up on the bed and i teach him all the parts of the hair dryer.  i realize i have never given more than a brief thought to a hair dryer but my son thinks it is about as wonderful as a bus.  almost.

he shrieks and giggles and gives me lots of kisses and hugs.  

all for a hair dryer.

4 thoughts on “diffuser, plug, switch…

  1. hey kate its your cousin maggy. i love your blog and the picture of you and elisha its so sweet. i hope i can come to your new house and play with the boys ,tell omar i said hi.

    with lots of love ,maggy

  2. thanks, kelly.

    brite – i just wonder what makes his perspective obsessed with hair dryers.

    maggy – hey there! thanks for the sweet words and you are welcome over any time!

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