four years ago today i slipped into an ivory colored gown and walked down an aisle carrying orange calla lilies to marry this man.

today as i thought about this i slipped a new duvet cover covered with cars and bikes and vespas on a comforter and covered the top bunk with an orange blanket.  

my how things can change in four years.  it seems like we’ve been married years more at times and at other times it seems like we just drove off to miami for the first time as husband and wife.

i love the man i married more today than i did on july 24, 2004.  i pray i will love him even more four years from now.  i often feel at a loss for words when it comes to describing my life with him.  he is an amazing partner, papi, and friend.

he drives back into town this evening and we’re excited to have him home.  happy anniversary, omar!  

and just to reassure you, the car covered duvet is for the boys’ room – not ours. and minus curtains, the boys’ room is just about done.  


11 thoughts on “four

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been trying to work some orange into our decor, but just don’t have the right spot yet…nicely done!

  2. Happy anniversary, Kate and Omar.
    There is nothing so special as having your spouse be your “amazing partner … and friend.”
    God bless you both, and your two special little guys.
    Love from Dad and Mom

  3. i wholeheartedly agree that omar is a great friend…and so are you. i’m blessed to know you. at to have been with you the day you walked down the aisle in the ivory colored dress (the same day we whooped it up to the cool miami band at rts orlando!)

    ps your house looks amazing. and i think i could fit on that top bunk…

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