to the city

front door view

miami is one big sprawling place.  for the past four years we were in a beautiful little enclave.  it was good for us…for me.  it took me three years to transition here and God knew just where i needed to be in the midst of transitioning to marriage and two babies.  

but we were ready to move closer to downtown.  now we are about as close to downtown as you can get and still live in a house.  we are able to walk places. grocery store?  check.  restaurants?  check.  bakery? check.  there is even a pediatrician across the street i’m going to check out.  

it’s also a bit grittier.  it is still a great part of the city but it is the city.  just walking down the street there are sights and smells that remind you where you are.  i’m growing to love this city and its people and omar and i can sit and talk forever about this city and what we pray will happen and become here.  

“the city” in general is a topic and place of interest for both of us.  what it means to be a christian in a city and why we should be here are questions discussed at length in our home. the following passage is from eric o. jacobsen’s book sidewalks in the kingdom:  new urbanism and the christian faith:

Another way that the cities in which we live are from God is that he has provided the vision and concrete hope for redemption in the city of New Jerusalem.  As we witnessed throughout the biblical accounts, God continually led his people back to communion with himself within the context of a city.  Had God not given John a particular vision of a city in his revelation, we may have been tempted to overlook the form of the city as the context for our redemption, and we may have missed something important in our cities.  Because of this significant place in the history of our salvation, we cannot disregard the specific form of the city as a unique context with redemptive possibilities.  John’s vision gives us permission to examine our own cities for such redemptive possibilities, even if they exist only as a shadow form of what is to come. p69

and i would add that surely New Jerusalem will have a gelato shop downtown where you can get black pepper/olive oil, caramel sea salt, and coconut gelato. and if what i had today was just a shadow of what’s to come, well, then i must say i am at a loss for words.


9 thoughts on “to the city

  1. Wow, what a quote. Nice for me to read and think about my city. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it…so glad I know about your blog.

  2. you are right. Miami is full of redemptive possibilities, and I like the way you and Omar are plunging in. and that your boys will grow up with a clear idea of what the grit looks like and how God can change things that we couldn’t hope to change on our own.
    and the gelato certainly makes it easier… God should have given all his missionaries access to coconut/basil gelato. so much to love about living that close to downtown.

  3. sounds exciting! i can not wait to all the excitement the city has for you. we were driving by today on the way to my fols and was trying to get landon to remember the way…no luck. where is the gelato place?

  4. abbie – so i’m taking it that they had the coconut/basil when you took henry back?

    manya – landon was such the helper the other day. he desperately wanted to help unpack. too sweet!

  5. Though I admit that it takes me a while to settle in to new areas, isn’t it exciting when you look around where God has placed you and have that inevitable question pop up from deep inside, “Lord, where would you have me serve, or with whom would you have me share the good news, in this wonderous place you’ve put me?”

    “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” ~ Eph. 2:10

    How thrilling!!

    Have a wonderful week/weekend.

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