green monday

on the hunt for green paint for the new house.  green in color and green in content.

eating mangoes while they’re still a bit green – they are better that way.

went on a trip to a store to find a green crib bumper.  no such luck.  we’re going to go with all white instead.  

planning out which greenery to put in our window boxes.  i’m leaning in the herbal direction.

7 thoughts on “green monday

  1. is it true that most paints are now “no voc” or non-painty-toxic? i’ve heard that.

    well, just as long as no one is green with envy, i support the green motif (lol). k

  2. I fully support the herbs idea. Basil, parsley, mint…they grow like nobody’s business down here. Cilantro is a little finicky, but it’s worth a shot. I’ll stroll on over and water them for you whenever you’re away!! : )

  3. nicole – so glad you are enjoying them!

    laura – can i just say i’m so stinkin’ excited about all of this – mint, basil, you strolling over.

    kel – actually, the home depot paint i linked is one of the few zero-voc paints out there. there are more and more low-voc, but not many reasonably priced zero-voc. you’d think i’d find a color i like with the home depot paint but 66 colors is evidently not enough selection for me.

  4. Hey, we used Sherwin-Williams low-VOC (I forget the name) paint in our house. They make a no-VOC paint, too. And, they matched/mixed colors for us.

  5. okay random question for ya: does anyone in the family think that asher looks like uncle bobby?

    mom and dad maynard, any thoughts? grandma?

    🙂 k

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