summer loving

loves of summer:

papi wearing asher.

loving that i married into a puerto rican family where dancing and music happen at abuelo’s 80th birthday party.

the first family photo since christmas(!).


8 thoughts on “summer loving

  1. thanks everyone. and i’m gonna toot my horn here and say i was on the hunt for a headband the other day, found one i liked but for a cool 30 bucks, remembered that i can now sew, went straight to the sewing machine and whipped that baby up. and why did i not start this sewing thing years ago?? my mom is free to jump in here and answer that one 😉

  2. Did you make the sling, too? Warren asked for one for his birthday last year, so he now sports a very masculine olive green sling. 🙂 Are we married to great men, or what??? Loved the family picture!

  3. brite – no, this was a pouch we bought for omar, but perhaps i’ll try my hand at a sling soon. and i definitely agree with the married to great men part.

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