i’m beginning to dread moving.  really dread.  i’m quite the organized one but even now i am letting little piles build up here and there because the thought of organizing then reorganizing then packing wears me out.  i thought about hiring packers for a brief second the other day then realized they would cost too much and that it’s the actual building up to packing that gets me.  and i’m wary of packers.  i still believe the packers stole some of our nintendo games when we were moving to alaska.  the missing ducktales game hit me the hardest.

so i know i’m stressed when i rush to get out of the house and go grocery shopping.  and then while there everything makes me sad that we’re moving. note:  i know i’m being a bit dramatic here, especially when we are moving oh…5 miles or so away, but i won’t be coming to this part of town to do my everyday stuff so bear with me.  all the ladies at publix smiled and waved at asher.  the bagger who guessed asher would be a boy wasn’t there today but our cashier was sweet and spoke to me in broken english.  then my favorite postal worker from the post office walked by me.  he is always singing oldies songs while working and evidently sings oldies songs while shopping.  i grabbed a doughnut and relished eating it without little two year old hands grabbing at it (woo hoo for days at grandma’s).

but now i’m back sitting amidst piles of stuff that needs to be tossed or packed. so do i organize?  no.  actually start packing?  no.  sort stuff?  no.  

photo from in stitches

sew this great apron from amy butler’s in stitches while elisha is away and can’t sword fight the sewing machine with a yardstick?  i think so. 


3 thoughts on “missing

  1. LOL…I was trying to decide on a project today. The page to the apron you made is laying open on my ironing board in my sewing room. Yours looks great and seeing it may be my project-choosing, deciding factor.

  2. ha! not my apron. it’s from the “in stitches” book. guess i should have clarified…i’ll be right on that. let’s just hope mine looks that good. i’ll be sure to let you know.

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