tigers and tamarinds

we explored the zoo on saturday.  elisha was into the camels and flamingos. mama was into finding shade. omar was into making monkey sounds and asher chilled.  the heat bordered on oppressive but time spent with kids and friends was fun and relaxing.    

we trekked down to a friends house yesterday who lives on several acres filled with mangoes, tomatoes, tamarinds, and lychee trees that seem to refuse to produce the lychees.  we found a few, though, and asher is henceforth an avid lychee fan.  we came home with bags of fruit and veggies that prompted omar to make this for dinner.  

omar looked at me this morning while i was peeling a mango and said, “and you wanted to leave miami…”  i know, i know.  while i’m up to my elbows in tamarinds (the sour kind that make me think i’m eating “natural” sour patch kids), peppers, and avocados i’m blissfully happy.  but i’ll get back to you when a hurricane decides to run through here knocking down both the power lines that supply cool air and those trees that produce such goodness.



5 thoughts on “tigers and tamarinds

  1. omar is wise to look at the positives. but i must rain a little and say, if you were here you’d be celebrating “berry dairy days,” after you just got over the tulip craze. and, as you well know, the lavender festival is coming up. 🙂

  2. Hi there!
    I found your blog through Rick…I am his sister-in-law, Stacey and I think we met once at Old Cutler, before we left for Vienna. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and this latest entry makes me really miss all of our fruit trees that we had in FL…and a good juicy steak! As much as I love living overseas…I still miss a good ol’ juicy steak!

    Thanks for making me drool with that recipe! And tell Omar hello from the Vienna Hunters!:)

  3. kel – yes, rub it in.

    hi stacey – yes, i remember meeting you guys! thanks for the kind words and i’ll be sure to eat a mango and a juicy steak for you.

  4. So what exactly is a tamarind? For our gourmet club dinner last week (Thai theme) I found some spicy tamarind candy at the asian market but that is my only experience with the fruit. (Is it even a fruit?) To say they were not a big hit is an understatement, but fortunately they were not the main dish. 🙂

  5. a tamarind is a hard pod-like fruit with a sour flesh. tasty, even though you have to work around the big seeds. spicy tamarind candy? hmmm could be interesting. and your dinner club sounds quite interesting, too!

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