some rain and then some

i am always up for a good rainy and stormy day.  but three days in a row when there is a serious grocery run that needs to be done is a bit much.  even for me.  the apartment that is really dark at 9 am is putting us all out of sorts.  elisha came up to me begging for pig and and his other buddy and for his quilt.  so back to bed for that little one and asher didn’t protest his dark corner a few minutes later.  

so to substitute for some sun i’m sitting in the kitchen surrounding myself with all that is yellow.  not too hard in mango colored kitchen with appliances that by chance match.  that cute little vacuum arrived yesterday (our ups man bid us a fond farewell when he delivered it and told me to buy something before we moved so he could say hi one last time…so nice!) and elisha is ecstatic.

hope your thursday is sunny.

i was hoping there would be something yellow and sweet swirling around in this mixer.  alas, no eggs.  or milk.  or vanilla.  and i think i’m short on butter.  stinking rain.


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