may i have a napkin

yes, it took over three months but here you have it, a napkin.  i pulled the sewing machine out and because i couldn’t stand the idea of wasting fabric while learning to sew, napkins seemed to make sense.  so if you come over, i’ll be sure to let you use one.  but you are not allowed to make fun of wonky stitches or uneven sizes.

i figured the occasion called for a proper dinner to try the napkin out.  omar is out for the night and i would usually keep it low key.  but hunger and the desire to celebrate my newfound crafting resulted in pork chops and roasted potatoes.

napkin #2 was about to materialize tonight but about a boy and a bowl of ice cream interrupted.  


7 thoughts on “may i have a napkin

  1. Yay! You did it! My first real project was a nightgown. My rationale (as a 14 year old in home ec) was that if/when I screwed it up, I could still wear it. I share your disdain for wasting fabric.

  2. Ooh very nice!. I’ve have been using store bought napkins and I love them. But I would like to sew a set of my own soon. The dinner looks delicious. and I love that movie.

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