funky monday

i woke up this morning freaking out but i didn’t know why.  i walked around the house clutching my coffee mug and felt so stressed out.  after about 30 minutes i remembered why.  in my dreams last night omar was called out of town unexpectedly and i had to preach a sermon for him at the last minute.  ha!

i’ve been following up a lead on a van on craigslist.  i came across something that seemed too good to be true.  it was.  trust me, you will get no money out of me if you tell me a sob story about how you have a baby girl, need to sell an almost new van for less than one quarter of its value to move into a bigger house, and then won’t let me look at the van before i send you the money.  i’m no sucker. 

i planned our errand outing miserably and had no food to give elisha for lunch. target to the rescue.  i end up passing back cheese sticks, fruit snacks, and endless amounts of cheerios to elisha and pretending that would pass as lunch.

i learned the hard way that taking your toddler and infant into a fabric shop isn’t always the wisest move.  especially when the lady helping us freaks elisha out beyond belief and we have to scurry out of there before we earn the evil eye of everyone in there.

i end the day with possibly one of the oddest library selections to date:  dvds – a mighty wind, fiddler on the roof, about a boy, miami vice season 1 (i know, i know – groan away), a sherlock holmes mystery.  books – gilead by marilynne robinson, boys adrift by leonard sax, and cook with jamie by jamie oliver. 


9 thoughts on “funky monday

  1. Now *that’s* a funny dream. Can we start calling you Beth Moore?

    My last library run included Season 1 of the Cosby Show and also the Gilmore Girls. Odd?

  2. megan – i think i would prefer “pastor paula.” though, man does she creep me out. those first few seasons of gilmore girls were quite funny, and i must say i’m heading over to our library site right now to see if they have the cosby show.

    sheila – i’m trying to decide when i will actually have time to watch all these dvds. i’m such a horrible over-checker-outer.

  3. Or, we could call you Victoria Osteen. She scares Johnny.

    I unabashedly love The Gilmore Girls. I caught an old episode on TV yesterday and really missed that show.

  4. Wow with the craigslist con. Yikes.
    Dreams can freak me out, too. I recently had one where I woke up very angry at Ande for something he had done in my dream. Angry for about 2 days!! He kept reminding me he wasn’t “dream Ande”. 🙂

  5. jenni – oooh, victoria – i’m with johnny on that one.

    kelly – yeah, creepy. the funny thing is is that from the beginning i had a feeling it was a con and am actually surprised at how far i inquired about it. it made me realize how easy it can be to be suckered when you are searching for something.

  6. oh, and doesn’t jamie oliver rock. my mom and i really like him, as a quirky guy and as a chef. plus, who else wants to help out druggie london kids, i mean REALLY. the naked chef is just alright with us.

  7. kel – if only my folks had a blog where you could direct such comments straight to them…email perhaps?

    and yes, jamie rocks. who else can have several pages of recipes about humble peas and make them seem exciting?

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