my apologies

to the makers of the bialetti mukka express, i owe you my apologies.  i purchased you with a gift card for fun and wasn’t impressed.  i then talked smack about you for a couple of years.  i adore your other stovetop espresso maker (my heavens, though, are you pricey here in the states), but the mukka was banished to the top of the fridge.  a few weeks ago i took pity on the mukka and tried it out.  lo and behold it actually worked.  there was real creamy frothed milk!  amazing.  the jury is still out on my opinion of the flavor, but my husband is happy with it.  he can be the mukka in the family.


3 thoughts on “my apologies

  1. As much as I love our new stovetop espresso maker (see my blog), it is certainly a knock-off, so I’m sure we’ll upgrade in the future. I’m glad to hear you gave Bialetti another shot because that’s the brand I was originally interested in….

  2. jenni – i’d definitely go for the brikka by bialetti, though their prices are outrageous. it’s just aluminum but they charge an arm and a leg. the brikka has this funky disk on the top of the spout that makes crema. i guess that’s what you pay extra for. and you have to buy the big guy. i got a little one in italy but haven’t seen it around these parts…

    grace – that’s what i told omar when we got ours and he questioned my use of the word “need.” 😉

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