in my business

little hands and voices are everywhere.  all the time.  i get frustrated.  then frustrated because i’m frustrated because he’s just so curious and wants to be right there with me.  so i tell him stories.  

a box of cds and old tapes i’m trying to sort.  i tell him about these anne of green gables tapes and how i’ll read him the story one day.

the measuring cup full of lentils.  little hands spill them, so i line some up on the counter and tell him how these little lentils all need to take a trip to the trash can. one by one.  he complies and thinks it’s fun.

interrupting at all times to inquire about asher’s diaper status (weird and funny all at the same time).  i thank him for his concern over his brother and ask him to hunt down some diapers to remedy any possible situation.

the wrapping paper and trimmings.  my compulsion towards orderliness can’t take this one so i shoo him out of the closet.  


8 thoughts on “in my business

  1. Your little guy seems like such a sweetie!

    I know exactly how you feel!!! I get frustrated with my little guy sometimes and then I have to repent and go back to him – he’s just loves being with mama so much!

    Good call on the Jack Johnson cd, by the way!!!!

  2. Ah, this is my future…. I don’t know if you’d call yourself anal-retentive, but I sure am (though I’ve improved). My Mom said she was ’til she had me.

  3. amanda jo – it is a good cd, isn’t it?

    jenni – now i just have to go through the pain that is loading all my old cds onto the ipod. argh.

  4. sounds very similar to my constant struggle with being a perfectionist while teaching preschool. Heehee. It’s so funny how the Lord chooses to teach us trust and patience!

  5. Kate,
    I love the way you perfectly peg mommy moments. I check your blog several times a week (even though I’m terrible at posting!) We’ re heading back to NC and Harvest next week for a visit. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Have a great day and enjoy those little busy bodies. All too soon they will be taking wing and putting their hands to other tasks.
    Maggie Duke

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