bring on the radishes

omar and i joined our local csa (community supported agriculture) a year and a half ago, but we didn’t sign up for this past year. i believe it was my way of trying to convince myself that we would be moving, wouldn’t be around for an entire season, and therefore shouldn’t make such a costly investment. um, we’re still here. about a month into last year’s season we were kicking ourselves that we hadn’t joined. yesterday we got a renewal notice, though, so i’m proud to say we are back in the csa business.

check out local harvest to see if you have any good farmer’s markets or csa’s in your area. and check out this little map from epicurious. it’s not the most detailed (trust me, there is a big difference between what can grow in south florida and tallahassee) but it helps put you on the right track for trying to buy local and hopefully cheaper produce.

and because one can never have too many cookbooks, you should take a look at tastebook.  it is a cookbook you put together with recipes from partner site epicurious (which includes gourmet and bon appetit recipes) and from your own collection.  you choose a cover, a title, add your recipes and some pictures and there you go!  it borders on brilliance.  initially you could only have a picture if the original epicurious recipe had one.  i was a bit neurotic about this and would only try recipes if they had a picture because i never knew if i’d add them to my tastebook, and heaven forbid there be a recipe without a picture.  well my neurosis can take a hike because now you can add your own pictures.  you can also make your collection available to others to buy. seriously, very cool. 


4 thoughts on “bring on the radishes

  1. well, I admire your resolve. and I look forward to helping you eat up some of those vegetables… and the tastebook? Seriously cool. if we could only get christopher kimball to sign up too…

  2. i’m not kidding when i say “bring on the radishes.” so so many. you can definitely help with those. we’ll trade some of our veggies for your eggs. 😉

  3. Great recommendation! I took a list of your recommended cookbooks to our used bookstore on Saturday but came home empty handed, so maybe the website will satisfy my desire for some new recipes. This is our 2nd year with our CSA and radishes are abundant in TN, too! 🙂 I want to make your chickpea dish, but I’m afraid we will be eating up leftovers all week. I made the Carolina bbq dinner from the latest Gourmet and it was so so good. Except that we needed about 10 more people to join us for Sunday lunch!

  4. Johnny and I keep talking about joining a CSA – we really need to. I did find a pick-up in Houston, so now we’re just being lazy! I’ve been wanting to check out that Alice Waters book…

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