from here to there

the kids are napping so i pull out the computer to listen to vol. 90 of mars hill audio journal again. a good portion of this volume discusses the current state of reading in america. several of the guests mention attention span, or the lack thereof. during the first five minutes or so i am thinking to myself, “no, not usually a problem for me. i think i have a fairly good attention span.” perhaps i do. but evidently i have to be taking notes. or crocheting. but the crocheting was set aside because my fingers were getting a bit chocolaty and my current state of mind was showing more allegiance to chocolate than asher’s never-ending blanket. and then the note taking was set aside because my computer is white – a ridiculous computer color in my opinion.

so what happens when my current chocolate fixation prevents me from crocheting or note-taking? i begin to notice how dirty my computer is, think of ways to clean it, look at all the books we have lying around and realize i treat library books much differently than personal books. that glass of water wouldn’t be caught dead on one of my books. i’ll try to amend my ways, i think, but then get depressed because what little of the lectures i happen to be catching lead me to believe i am perhaps one of 3 people who might read this book. i did manage to set aside the chocolate to type out some thoughts during dana gioia’s interview, so i’m not completely hopeless.


2 thoughts on “from here to there

  1. My laptop is probably dirtier than yours. And I’m reading blogs while watching TV….

    I do plan to blog about volume 90 soon, though!

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