to ernie


today honors men and women like ernie.  ernie blanco was a beloved friend who loved puerto rico, music, texas, and jesus.  omar prayed for his family this morning, and i remembered that i need to be sure to tell our boys about him when they get a bit bigger.  he’s been gone over four years now but i still remember so clearly his passion for life, his laugh, and his craziness. we love and miss you ernie.


4 thoughts on “to ernie

  1. it is definitely important to remember that what is just “a day off” for us is so much more than that for all the men and women putting their lives on the line…

  2. “Hullo, Sir. It’s Ernie. Is Kate there?”
    How I miss those phone calls. A special guy who loved his Lord and his country, and who died serving both. Another one of our kids’ friends who became our friend.
    Thanks for remembering, Kate.

  3. Sweet, sweet guy. I loved how he got along with all of us – and enjoyed my kids, too. I am grateful for the time we spent with him, though short. I’m thankful for his service and glad we’ll see him again on the other side.

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