to be exhausted:

behind those two little grins there is scheming going on as to how they can completely wear their mama out.  mission accomplished.  but the cute pjs help ease the tiredness.  we are home from our whirlwind road trip.  the boys met friends and family and were cute and cordial (on the whole).  at one point there were four generations in one room.  the four of us in this immediate family piled into one room to sleep, and at 1:45am friday morning elisha thought it was time to wake us up with calls of “coffee!! outside!!” repeated ad nauseam. 

to be happy:

i discovered jamie at home at our friends’ house and am now scheming of ways to convince omar we need cable so i can watch it and make yummy things like rhubarb souffle.  a great show with a beautiful set and garden that makes me think omar and i need to consider whether we are being called to live in england. 

you know you’ve found a good, perhaps perfect, coffee mug when you wish you would have stashed one in your suitcase to use on your road trip.  they are so good that i bought four and i’ll probably show them to you if you come to visit.

to be sad:

our landlord called this morning and asked if a couple could come by and look at our apartment.  do i sabotage their visit and try as hard as i might to let this place stand empty from here on out?  or i guess i could make the place seem like it’s perfect for them but warn them that they better like babies because they have a habit of popping up around here.


2 thoughts on “exhausted*happy*sad

  1. Cute pjs. I love clean kids that are ready for bed. Not only have we been prolific in our apartments, but our neighbors told our future tenants that we’d actually HAD a baby in the apartment! We’ve had two homebirths, so we are on a roll to have a baby in every house we live in. 🙂

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