it was a good egg


the little eggling was about to make its way to a friend’s house while we are away for a few days.  i was afraid it would dry up and it was both too cute and too pricey for that to happen.  then my hand slipped and this scene of carnage soon lay before my eyes.

omar wasn’t sure whether he should laugh or cry.  i was torn between crying and cursing.  

and we had just finished talking about how cute the egg was and how i was amazed it was actually growing so well.  it was indeed cute.  i then laughed to myself when i actually said, “it was a pretty good egg.”  that (though substitute “dog” for “egg”) is what was written on our old dog fritz’s headstone.  yes, our dog had a headstone.  the island we lived on in alaska was 1200 miles west of nowhere and life could get kind of slow. so we had a pet cemetery.  the k9 dogs had really pretty plots.

we’re off on a trip for the next few days.  elisha will hopefully return to a new eggling and i promise to be more careful.  needless to say, i will not be eating eggs in the morning.


5 thoughts on “it was a good egg

  1. Thanks for the morning laugh! Good life less for your kids- life is full of mistakes and starting over. 🙂

  2. my first response was, “oh no!!!” and then, “i bet little boy hands accidentally dropped it.” but no, it was little mama hands that dropped it!

    bon voyage…

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