thought strings

here is the blanket mentioned in the previous post.  seriously, asher is going to be old enough to help me with this at the rate i’m going.  

the piggy is knitted and awaiting stuffing.  but stuffing must be a natural fiber and not just because of “natural living” leanings – elisha eats it.

eating ice cream cones at home seems both child-like and extravagant.  especially when you have two in one day.

you must, must, must watch cranford, the new pbs masterpiece theatre adaptation of elizabeth gaskell’s novel.  laugh-out-loud lines and a great cast. you can watch it online if it’s not playing on your local station.  the other series based on her book wives and daughters is also wonderful.  

my parents got elisha a “horse on a stick” so he can run around the house and act like a cowboy.  he likes to sleep with it, and today when i went to get him out of bed, there was a very “godfather-esque” feeling to what i was looking down on – elisha sleeping next to a horse head.  i was tempted to reenact it but i thought i would freak him out. 

talking about church planting in miami is exciting.  who would’ve thought i’d be saying that six months ago?


6 thoughts on “thought strings

  1. I was laughing too about the horse head…funny thought! And I can totally relate to your children eating your projects.

  2. who thought you’d be talking about living in miami six months ago let alone church planting there, my friend! what next, learning to square dance or play in a mariachi band? or…

  3. So I’ve been watching Cranford. Love it! I’ll call you soon so we can discuss. I haven’t finished it yet.

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