a day both frustrating and delightful

we all wake up at a decent hour.  asher doesn’t try any of his 4am business on us.

elisha cuddles with me and “helps” me crochet asher’s never-going-to-end-i’m-tired-of-it blanket while we watch america’s test kitchen.

something as seemingly simple as a haircut for elisha turns into a maddening experience for all of us that almost brings me to tears.  it was one of those times where your own anger, frustration (let’s just call it what it is – sin) creeps up and smacks you in the face.  it is during those mundane activities that i seem to let my guard down and not realize that yes, even while giving haircuts i need a savior.    

omar quickly ushers me out the door to spend some time at borders.  

i’m nearby when a worker directs a mom and pre-teen daughter to a section of teen girl fiction books and the worker says, “i would not recommend these – they are full of sex and are inappropriate and bad.”  she then walks away and the mom and daughter shrug, pick up one of the books and proceed to checkout.

i relax as i walk the aisles of the grocery store without a baby in the sling or a kiddo asking for snacks. perhaps i even sang out loud to the music playing.  the “bag man” wants a detailed account of how my rotisserie chicken spilled all over my bag the other day.  like really detailed.  the cashier even got in on it.  i made it sound very dramatic.

too tired to make dinner we break out a baguette, goat cheese, olives, a pear, and nutella crepes.  

and i notice elisha has a really cute haircut.


7 thoughts on “a day both frustrating and delightful

  1. Though not about your latest entry, I wanted to thank you for the molten chocolate cake recipe that you posted WAY back. I finally got to try it on my family today after lunch, and, of course, everyone loved it. A special dessert made for quite a pleasant Sunday afternoon, as we are trying to brighten things up since we can no longer enjoy Sunday afternoons with your parents…

  2. At least when you looked back the haircut was good. 🙂 We had a similar haircut experience last Monday evening, except when all was said and done my husband and son both looked…how do I say it (because they are both handsome in their own right)…horrible hair. And this weekend we are visiting my in-laws and will be taking and extended family picture. Of course. 🙂 Oh well, maybe I am unable to give a good haircut while pregnant??? Do you think it’s the hormones?

  3. jenni – i know!

    sheila – so glad you liked them. they’re addictive.

    brite – i would totally blame it on the pregnancy. 😉

    kelli – it was totally a “kelli and kate” kind of meal.

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