thar she grows

i must admit i was a bit skeptical about this little eggling.  i even sprinkled the extra packet of seeds on top, even though i was told i didn’t need to.  so hopefully these little sprouts aren’t going to be like the “rocky ground” seeds in matthew 13 that spring right up and then wither away, and if they are let’s hope the seeds down below them are holier and hardier.

this afternoon i stepped back up the “chocolate food chain”.  the nutella was set aside for a little bar of green&black’s dark chocolate.  like the chocolate, not the packaging.  trust me, you’ll get more money out of me more often if you give me something interesting to look at.  this was quite good, though, even if my rotisserie chicken burst out of its bag (that could be some funny imagery) and spilled onto the chocolate bar…and strawberries, milk, and lettuce.  yuck.  i think i salvaged everything.  i’ll let you know if our company tonight thought there was anything unusual about the strawberry cake.   


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