the gate

i never intended for this blog to be named “kate ortiz” but i guess i just forgot about the naming task over the past few months.  

our new home has a gate.  not the prettiest gate but a gate.  and behind that gate is a little house that we will live in and work in and play in and cry in.  but perhaps most of all it will be a place that we welcome people in to – strangers, friends, neighbors and anyone with joys and sorrows to share.  what is written here is about bits of all of it.  

the little lady above is leaning over the only gate in our present home at the moment.  she is friendly, though. 


10 thoughts on “the gate

  1. I love the gate imagery. Love it so much that I may or may not have teared up a bit reading your post : ) I am so thankful that Tim and I get to be some of the people who are welcomed in, and so excited that soon I will be able to leisurely WALK to your gate!

  2. thank you, ladies.

    laura – i can just hear elisha’s squeals when he sees you guys coming up the sidewalk. i bet he’ll even do a little dance for you.

  3. hey, there–the imagery of “behind” and “gate” are both resplendent… both words suggest inviting or hiding or something in between (in a good way!).

    little techinical ?: doesn’t the link remain the same, since the word press name remains the same? or will the blog name change too…


  4. i love the word resplendent. and yes, the web address will stay the same, it would be a bit of a hassle to change the address at this point.

  5. right. i was thinking as much. i was trying to get a read on a comment above, making sure i didn’t get left in the dust with the web address. 🙂

  6. for some reason when i was making coffee this am i was thinking about the renaming of your site. i thought of “other” names you could use. number 10:

    10. omie and kate plus 8 (based on the reality show about a family of 10 called jon and kate plus eight)

    9. miami think (based on the bravo reality show based in a tatoo parlor called miami ink) mama (from two great loves of yours, mangoes and your kids)

    7. bubble toes (after the jack johnson song; the main picture for this would be of asher staring at his little piggies and elisha chasing bubbles off the back stoop)

    6. toddler preschool 2 (based on the hit high school musical 3)

    5. florida ortiz and the kingdom of god (based on indiana jones and the crystal skull)

    4. meat, gloves and say (based on the quirky novel eat, love, pray. and incidentally your site would feature a lot more praying and loving than the book did, but i digress).

    3. north reach (a play on south beach and our joke about your penchant toward moving south)

    2. the fun time gate (a play on the name of your state, incorporating your current title)

    and the number one name for your site is:

    1. chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

    i should go to work now. how a great day!

  7. love it, kelli! i must say number 3 makes me almost want to switch the name. i love the thought and time you put into mundane aspects of my life 😉

    i’ll be sure to consult you on any other blog changes.

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