mama’s day

chocolate fashion bakery goodies greeted me at the table yesterday morning along with two smiling faces. i curled up with my coffee and switched on the classical radio station.  evidently someone there thinks a soviet-era inspired opera would be just the thing for us mothers to listen to over breakfast.  or maybe the dj has some “mother issues” that need tending.

i love being the mama to my two boys.  and i love being the daughter to my own mom.  i hope your mother’s day was peaceful.  


4 thoughts on “mama’s day

  1. my mother’s day was great. my nephew drew me a picture of him and me and our family dog. he is in first grade and learning the lingo of the day with i u as his text. oh, and a chocolate kiss was adeptly taped to the paper.

    i will most likely never be a biological mother myself as i am facing a hysterectomy later this summer, but i do mother many people. in honor of that i have decided to buy myself a mother’s day gift each year. this year it was a cookbook: favorites: recipes from our all-star chefs.

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