the house.  barring destruction by a hurricane or other unfortunate event, this will be our home beginning in july.  a 1920s home with character and a cramped kitchen.  omar is a bit disappointed in the kitchen but we’ll make do, and the built in bookshelves have helped cushion the blow.  the “for rent” sign outside our apartment is making me a bit sad but picking out paint colors always helps – i’m not feeling the present aqua colored walls.

until then, we’re enjoying the last months in our apartment, planning a birthday celebration for elisha, and getting in lots of playtime.

asher is now on the move.

elisha is into catalogs and magazines. i was sure to explain to him that the espresso/latte maker in the upper left corner is a gimmick.  

and finally, today i heard elisha’s first protests against asher’s toy-stealing attempts. asher is quick i must admit.


9 thoughts on “behold

  1. Wow- congratulations! I’m sure you will make it yours in no time. Character- and very much representing all that is South Florida! Glad you found something that works. 🙂 We looked at another dive tonight, but all this looking is making our current place look great!

  2. amazing. remember the early days of moving to m-town? the crazy dirty place? then finding your current little gem. this is just another chapter in that great home-hunting story. 🙂

    on the espresso maker in the catalogues: i believe that in our culture anyway, teaching kids about gimmicks is second in importance only to teaching them that mom and daddy and jesus love you.


  3. Congratulations…what a cute place. I unfortunately am a sucker for the gimmicks! Ohh a garden won’t that be exciting

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