we get to take a little peek at a house for rent tomorrow.  my excitement is pretty evident to my husband. but the thought of moving makes my nostalgia for this place even greater.  though can it technically be nostalgia when we haven’t even left?  details.  

for a few passing moments i even think that maybe we shouldn’t move.  we could just be really cozy in this place and blow endless amounts of bubbles and throw numerous leaves from the stoop outside our back door.  and then my paranoid fear that elisha will reach out for that bubble just beyond his reach and tumble down the stairs takes over and i get all excited about the possibility of a new house.  it’s a vicious cycle.


4 thoughts on “stoop

  1. i always get nostalgic–if we can agree to call it that–right before a move happens. i know the nostalgia is coming at me, so i lean into it a little, remembering moments, looking out certain views, thinking of all the people who sat around the table. i tell myself that it’s a preemptive strike: if i welcome it i won’t get as overwhelmed. if i bring it on a little i can control it. a little. i’ve always thought that if i don’t feel the melancholy that moving brings then maybe i didn’t try hard to enjoy the place while i had the chance. so i say bring on the nostalgia. a little.

  2. I find myself doing what Kelli talked about before our moves. The kids, Lee and I tend to purposefully talk about our memories of our home and drink in as much of the scenery as we can before it’s time to go, thanking God for so many blessings. I think it’s good to remember and give thanks. In a way it reminds us that God will be with us in our next home, too.

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