you might think i’m crazy

some of you will think i’ve lost it.  others will (hopefully) think i’m thrifty.  i’m toasting and grinding asher’s brown rice cereal.  no joke.  it’s the feeding the whole family book.  they make it seem so normal to toast rice and whiz it up, and it is quite a bit cheaper than buying the boxed stuff.  i don’t see myself doing this for too long, either, as at seven months asher still shows little interest in solid foods and will hopefully bypass much of the pureed food stage.  here’s hoping he likes it.

so while i am saving a pretty penny on baby food, i evidently see no problem in shelling out good money on chocolate for myself.  the company vosges: haute chocolat sucks me in with their packaging.  the mo’s bacon bar was a swing-and-a-miss if you recall, but i had high hopes for their creole bar.  it was good but eerily similiar to hershey’s reserve dark chocolate with cacao nibs and the hershey’s is a heck of a lot cheaper.  and on a final note, evidently there are many people who do, in fact, love the chocolate/bacon combo because you can now purchase your very own mo’s bacon bar in the form of a flying pig.  i’m hard pressed to find a creepier way to spend twelve dollars on something that is 1.2 oz.


8 thoughts on “you might think i’m crazy

  1. You are not crazy- definitely save the money for the chocolate! I made all my kids’ baby food…it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

  2. you’re not crazy! or, am i just crazier? i cook whole foods for our dog. yep, elle-belle likes stew type dinners with a base of cooked brown rice. maybe she and asher would like to do lunch?

  3. You’re not crazy – I plan to make baby food one day, too!

    Have you tried Dagoba chocolate bars? I used to love those (when I could eat sugar).

  4. jenni – i enjoyed making elisha’s food but never thought of toasting/grinding his own grains, and pureeing the already cooked oatmeal never went over well – it’s not the most appetizing looking.

    i love the dagoba bars. their dark chocolate is some of the best.

    caron – haven’t tried it but am a little hesitant because of the milk chocolate. they suck you by calling it “deep” milk chocolate, but let’s call it what it is. and this girl just doesn’t get at all excited about milk chocolate.

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