she knits

it only took me three months to get this pig in gear but here it is – its backside, at least.  i’m learning as i go so that’s turning into some interesting moments.  and i’m ashamed to say that knitting sure does bring out my, ahem, colorful language.  i am not proud to admit that but who knew such a homey craft would bring out the sailor in me?  some kids parrot their parents when they let things slip while driving; elisha will start squawking obscenities when i drop a stitch if i don’t watch it.  

and on the crochet front – why oh why did i not start doing this years ago?  movie watching is now quite productive, and asher’s blanket is very sweet.  i must admit, though, that finding things to make is a challenge.  i am finding that looking through most crochet books is good only for a few laughs – do people really make all that stuff?  crocheted swimwear and coffee maker cozies?  i’ll stick with blankets.


6 thoughts on “she knits

  1. There are all kinds of things that bring out colorful language. I thought I was a good girl?

    Crocheted swim wear? Won’t that get rather soggy?

  2. Here’s what brings it out in me: putting too much flour in the Bosch or Kitchen Aid and accidentally hitting the high speed. That does it to me every time! 🙂

  3. Hmmm…I guess you can’t really blame it on genetics, being the daughter of a sailor and all, huh? HA!

    So, in the mood to see the gorgeous mountains out here in CO? 🙂

  4. jenni – i’m with you on the soggy part – so so weird!

    megan – i’ve always thought the high speed mark on mixers should be marked “expletive” rather than “10” or “high.”

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