of cows and cowlicks

we’ve been celebrating omar’s birthday the past few days:  blueberry pancakes, an apron (and yes, he asked for it), and a wonderful dinner at michael’s genuine with friends.  oh that dinner.  grouper ceviche, lamb and apricot stuffed onion, beef cheek (yes, beef cheek), and la tur among other things.  happy 31, omar. we both are loving the apron.  it’s quite alton brown-ish.

according to elisha’s book cowlick, a black and white cow is the mastermind of all mysterious cowlicks that appear on kids’ heads in the mornings.  last night she paid our house a little visit.

to the bedside she comes sneaking, lifting covers, gently peeking
sees a face so soft and sweet framed with hair so smooth and neat
quickly, as he starts to stir, before he wakes and catches her,
bending low, bestows a kiss:  sluuurrpp!  sluuurrpp!




One thought on “of cows and cowlicks

  1. This sounds amazing – “lamb and apricot stuffed onion.” Mmm.

    I love Omar’s apron! I think Johnny needs one, for grilling.

    Cute little cowlick on Elisha, too.

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