eat this cake

my wallet was miami-bound yesterday. my mom discovered it in her purse near orlando on wednesday. so as our u.p.s. man (who is incredibly nice and always greets me with a “hello, mrs. ortiz!” ) made his way to our house on thursday, elisha and i made cake. it is from orangette‘s site, yet again. seriously, if you haven’t checked out her recipes, you must. orangette got this recipe from edna lewis’s the taste of country cooking. oh, edna lewis. i’m beginning to adore her…indeed i am, ms. marianne wishner. i’ve been learning quite a bit from the cookbook she did with scott peacock – the gift of southern cooking.

but i must say i rarely make cake. cake seems to be too celebratory for the everyday, even though edna lewis did indeed name this a “busy-day cake” indicating it probably wasn’t intended to be celebratory. i guess we can celebrate my wallet’s homecoming. so there you go – welcome home, wallet. here is a cake for you. you and your check card were missed.


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