all about the furniture

elisha perches on the sofa looking outside for grandma and grandpa. sadly, they’re gone.

i’m scouring the internet looking for a pantry/hutch to replace our termite infested one. i know. gross.

elisha discovered that if he stands on the dining room chair and faces the china hutch, he can see himself dancing in his reflection.

design*sponge is great for furniture inspiration. not so great for the budget.

while on the quest for the perfect bookshelf (which is here by the way – anything that is described as “french” and “industrial” is a good thing), omar and i discovered that furniture stores no longer sell bookshelves, only entertainment centers and if there are bookshelves, they are pressed wood and wobbly. it’s a shame, really.


3 thoughts on “all about the furniture

  1. jenni – i always think i’ll find something at ikea…but then never do. no problem, though, because the wisteria bookshelf is en route 🙂

    kelli – the couch almost made it to goodwill but i didn’t have the heart. it’s quite loveable.

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