it was late…

i gave this to omar last night as an early birthday present.  a friend was in town so i thought it would be fun to play.  and it was.  some obscure questions, some funny ones, and some that inspired me to make a fool of myself.  

question:  what seaboard do bluepoint oysters come from?

my answer:  driftwood.

seriously.  the mental image the question conjured up was one of an undersea shipwreck and i guess that led to driftwood.  i just wanted to give everyone a good laugh.  it worked.

and if you are interested.  the real answer is the atlantic.

One thought on “it was late…

  1. i hope there’s a question that differentiates kippered smoked salmon (northwest style) salmon from cured smoked salmon (what a lot of places apparently mean by smoked salmon). do you remember the meal that we ate in winter park where i sent my salmon salad back for the salmon to be seared. yeah, it was cured and not “smoked,” that’s why!!

    sounds like a fun game.


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