call me frenchie

i saw paris, je t’aime and it is good. very good. so good that i need to watch it again very soon. in fact i think it needs to be watched a few times. twenty, five-minute films in the twenty neighborhoods of paris. some humorous, sad, touching – all intriguing. next up is jean de fleurette and following that avenue montaigne. perhaps some wine and french cheese are in order…check and check.

good food and drink are in store for the next few days.  my parents drove into town today.  omar showed off  his culinary skills tonight (close-roasted pork with ancho, cinnamon and cocoa).  i tried to pawn off the remainder of my vosges mo’s bacon bar on them.  it sounded like a good combination:  chocolate, salt, and bacon.  i know, i know.  some of you are probably thinking i was crazy.  but seriously, they are three of my favorite foods.  evidently just not together.  i’m noticing there are still a few pieces left so i guess my dad didn’t go for it, either.

elisha is enjoying his start to the weekend:  romping around the bed with papi and asher, the arrival of the grandparents, and chocolate fashion.  a good start.


8 thoughts on “call me frenchie

  1. Goodness, y’all eat very well in your home.

    I’ve actually wanted to try that chocolate-bacon bar, too, but of course, I can’t eat chocolate right now. Good to know I’m not missing anything there.

  2. first, a big HELLO and huge HUG to Mom and Dad Maynard!!!!! always good times with them…

    second, chocolate, bacon and salt all RULE, so I understand what you were thinking with that one.

    third, I had to laugh at the frenchie thing because with the blog entry about southern food, well you didn’t sound down on french stuff, just people who fancy themselves “french” (and are thus snobby).

    the films sound promising and interesting. thanks for the plug…another french one that’s fun and quirky (but not creepy or raunchy, thanks goodness) is L’auberge espagnole (the spanish apartment). someone gave it to me and i really enjoy it.


  3. jenni and kelli- seriously, you two are not missing anything with the chocolate. i finally had to toss the rest after everyone in the house passed on it…though i didn’t offer any to elisha. he would have devoured it. funky bacon bits and all.

    caron – juliette binoche’s was one of my favorites, too.

    bob – name drop all you like. now go watch it.

  4. Hi! We’re just back from the Masters at Augusta. Two long days in the 85 degree sun. Call me Frenchie too–We will be there 2 days in June. Can I bring you something back? besides a hunk of the Eiffel Tower or some real French bread? I’ve seen Jean d’Fluerette or however you spell it. We drove a long distance(Countryside) to see it and since have seen it on rental movies. Or was it TV? Also the sequell. Aren’t your mom and dad the best ever? p.s. no salty chocolate bacon for me, thank you. I’ll stick to snails. I can just imagine the look on your father’s face when you tried to pass it off on him. I remember how he used to look with any vegetables other than peas and carrots. Love you all 4!!!

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