cleaning up


this week has been my version of spring cleaning. my bouquet finally made it to the trash. it used to be quite lovely. now it’s not. i’m not sure why it took close to four years to toss it but i think i was kind of attached to it. evidently, considering i took a goodbye picture of it. so long. i need to dig up a picture of it in its original state. mango calla lilies, orchids, and orangey/yellow roses.

i think two thirds of the miami library is on our floor so a return trip is in order. i get loads of cookbooks and if the first recipe i try is just “eh” then the book just sits and sits. i feel a bit guilty returning it without trying another recipe. but then i don’t want to spend the time making something that could possibly be another dud. or i keep a cookbook forever thinking i will love a certain recipe and then i make it perhaps months later, don’t like it much, and then kick myself for racking up library fines because i forgot the occasional renewal. take last night’s dinner. i made a clementine, ginger, apple and roasted beet salad. i had high hopes. it was in amanda hesser’s cooking for mr. latte. the book is a series of articles about a food writer’s courtship and career. at the end of each chapter are recipes and many of them seem like they would be great. i don’t have much to say about the book. i want to like her and her writing. but to be honest she seems quite snooty (for lack of a better word) and aims some pretty snarky remarks at true-to-life individuals. i checked out the amazon reviews after i finished and evidently i’m not alone, though trust me, i’m being quite nice compared to some other reviewers… back to the beets. but really, “eh” is about all i have to say. perhaps i’m not a beet person.

can you spring clean your kid? i guess i did. i took one look at elisha’s poofy mop of hair the other day then coaxed him into the bathroom leading him to believe we were going to have a little fun on the bathroom counter with shaving cream. and then i attacked the hair. it was my first attempt and i’m quite proud of myself. but then i had to keep cutting it. i was in the kitchen awhile later and saw just a teeny bit that needed to be cut. same thing next morning. oh my. and as i was lunging for the hair a few hours later i made myself stand back. put. the. scissors. down.


5 thoughts on “cleaning up

  1. My Mom preserved our wedding flowers (white calla lilies and red roses) in a frame, so I know the feeling of not wanting to let wedding flowers go!

    “mango calla lilies, orchids, and orangey/yellow roses” – wow. That sounds gorgeous.

    I love Elisha’s haircut. Good job.

  2. He is precious!!! Great job on the cut!

    I’m ashamed to admit this…I never thought to check out cookbooks from the library! Looks like I’m making a special trip tomorrow!!

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see the picture of your bouquet when it was in the prime of its life!!!

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