the first week of spring



omar’s definition of “grocery shopping” for easter dinner.



elisha’s got that youtube glow here. what do you do with a kid who starts to get a bit fussy amidst all the easter preparation? flip on youtube: cute puppy footage, a kitty montage with a remarkably well synchronized bjork soundtrack, patches the horse (oh so weird and oh so funny), and bruce springsteen singing a rendition of elisha’s favorite song, this little light of mine.


and a celebratory easter berry tart.

5 thoughts on “the first week of spring

  1. So many things I like here:
    -Smoking Loon wine. And their labels.
    -Your Easter table – so pretty.
    -That kitty montage rules.
    -And Patches – wow. He sleeps in bed, even.
    -The Boss! Your son has good taste.
    -Berry tarts are one of my favorites. I’ll have to incorporate one of those into my healing party. 🙂
    (did you make the berry tart?)

  2. i agree with you about the smoking loon labels. and yes, the berry tart is homemade. it’s the fresh fruit and vanilla cream tart from “once upon a tart.” i’ll make it to their soho bakery someday. an excellent cookbook, by the way. and omar would want me to tell you he decorated the tart…

  3. I feel like you put the picture of the tart on there just for me. I know you didn’t, but I’ve been so enchanted with tarts lately that it seems as though every reference to a tart is all mine : ) The new tart pan has not been broken in yet, but I’m anxious to try it out…maybe this weekend. If so (and if it’s good), I’ll share.

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