a quote

“welcome into our lives as we live them. join us in the rhythm of our day.”

a quote for monday. this is what i wish i could say to anyone who comes in our home – but i think i’d come off as a bit creepy if i said this as people walked through the door. so i’ll just say it in my head. i heard this on a lecture (thanks, caron) given by christine pohl based on her book making room: recovering hospitality as a christian tradition. the quote above helps remind me that hospitality, in the true sense, is not entertaining. it is inviting people into your life and living it honestly in front of them. i read the book a few years ago but its fuzziness in my head is prompting me to pick it up again.

the lectures are available for free here if you’d like to listen (search under pohl’s name). and if you do, feel free to share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “a quote

  1. kate you are the epitome of genuine hospitality and display a real peaceful rhythm…this is represented in your blog as well! this encourages me to welcome people into our home “as we live” however chaotic that may be!

  2. jenni – there are two additional lectures in the series by other speakers so be sure to listen to those, too. very good.

    manya – thank you so much for the kind words. these lectures really were encouraging. omar is really good for me in all of this. he doesn’t hesitate to invite others over last minute (and he’s a great help with everything) and this doesn’t give me enough time to fuss about stuff or worry over little things if that is a temptation at the moment.

  3. OK. I started listening with my morning coffee, and eventually my mind drifted into a perplexing problem of which I’m seeking a solution. I’ll inform you when I blog about it, as I’d like your input.

  4. New thoughts about hospitality have been pressing in, so I started writing about my wrestling. I would welcome your thoughts, as I’m sure each family has to grapple with how they welcome visitors.

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